Tempat Tidur Bayi Untuk Dijual/ Preloved Sleeper For Sale: The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper (SOLD)

Hehehe... Masih lagi nampak cantik. Baru ku tahu kewujudan benda nie....
Condition (9/10). Guna LED warna putih. Biasanya dijual dengan harga RM169.00
Details in English hehehe copy ajer..
The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper allows you to feed, soothe, monitor, and bond with your baby throughout the night with the reassurance that baby is snug, secure, and comfortable next to you in your bed. Designed to be easily portable for on-the-go convenience, you can also use the sleeper in the crib to help ease baby's transition from your bed to the crib. Our Airflow design allows air to circulate around baby. Built-in nightlight makes it easy for you to check on baby during the night. 
Harga RM-
Follower RM- termasuk kos penghantaran

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