Stroller Untuk Dijual/ Preloved Stroller For Sale: Preloved Peg Perego Aria Twin Stroller (SOLD)

Aria Twin is the twin version of the ultra-light, compact Aria stroller, designed for twins or children close in age.
Aria Twin is light and handy to manoeuvre, due to an aluminium chassis and its book-like fold-up mechanism with telescopic handlebar. The hoods are independent, to meet the different needs of the two children, while the backrests can be reclined into several positions.

Other characteristics

  • Pedal brakes.
  • It closes like a book, and comes with a telescopic handle.
  • When folded, the stroller will stand upright.
  • Side carry handle.
More details
For Video
Cuma dalam video ni kalau nak recline kena tarik tali, yang version saya jual ni hanya tarik zip. Lagi best... hehehe
Harga Runcit RM1799
Saya jual yang Preloved RM-
Untuk Follower RM-
SOLD to Puan Sara. Thanks ek...


  1. ahaks..nk la..dh lama mencari..sian bdk berdua ni

  2. huhhu.... memang saya sayang nak jual stroller nie pasal suka sangat.Tapi nak buat cammana kan... tak jual kang tak berniaga lah plak... hehehe so confirm ek...