Vtech Animal Friends Nursery Rhymes Book

Jenama: Vtech
Jenis: Animal Friends Nursery Rhymes Book
Kondisi: (9/10). Berfungsi sepenuhnya.
Info dalam bahasa Inggeris:

Classic nursery rhyme book featuring 6 familiar rhymes. The 6 pages contain beautifully illustrated popular rhymes to read and sing along to. Sound effects, phrases and light-up animal buttons encourage baby to interact and explore. While individual sliders activate fun responses to the nursery rhymes stories. Develops early language skills and manual dexterity, while promoting early reading concepts. Hard plastic pages are durable and easy to clean. Language Development Phonics Age-appopriate vocabulary and nursery rhymes. Sing-along songs encourage verbal skills. Familiar melodies and sing-along songs promote parent-child interaction. Motor Skills Turning pages promote gross motor development. Slide, twist and push buttons strengthen fine motor development. Sensory Stimulation Twinkling lights and bright colourful graphics attract babys attention. Seven classic nursery rhymes, interesting phrases and fun sounds entertain and teach baby. Features - Automatic shut off preserves battery life - Durable design for long lasting play - Volume control for quieter play - Bright Colourful - Helps Develop different skills - Suitable from 9 36 months

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