Play House Untuk Dijual/ Play House For Sale:

Jenama: Little Tikes
Jenis:Climb and Slide Play House
Kesesuaian: 1 1/2+
Kondisi: Masih lagi berkeadaan dengan baik. (8/10). Perlu dibersihkan sedikit.
Unit: 1
Status: SOLD
Harga: -
Harga Follower: -
Info: Toddlers develop imagination and burn youthful energy playing with this multi-function playhouse. Watch your little one scale the easy-to-climb steps, stand triumphant on the play platform with railing, crawl through tunnels and ride down a gentle-slope slide. Molded "house" details, like a mailbox with a letter, aid the imagination in creative role-playing.
Dimensi:  46" x 46" x 43.50".
Berminat/ Maklumat Lanjut: Sms/ hubungi saya di 019-321 2605. 
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