Permainan Untuk Dijual/ Toys For Sale: Leap Frog - Developmental Baby Counting Pal Plush (SOLD)

This take-along learning buddy will captivate baby with activities, music and a rainbow of colors.
Attach Baby Counting Pal just about anywhere and baby can explore 5 learning activities that introduce counting 1-5, colors and classical music.
Early number sense. Children learn to count and compare sets of objects as well as identify numerals as standing for specific quantities.

Exploring Colors. The repetitive association of colors with their names helps young children remember the name for each color.  

Music and Sound Product Dimensions: 11.50 x 6.75 x 8.00 inches
Product Weight: 2.1 lbs

Biasa orang jual RM49 tetapi yang ni warnanya pudar sedikit tapi masih lagi berfungsi. Perlu dibersihkan dengan kain yang lembab. 
Harga RM- + RM- untuk Pos Laju Malaysia
Harga Follower RM + RM- untuk Pos Laju Malaysia
Sold To Puan Sha & En Zamri

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